Fragment specializes in building and scaling brands through meaningful experiences, data, and cutting-edge technologies.

Fragment Studio is a forward-thinking digital boutique studio headquartered in Germany, led by Aleksandar Basara. We operate across various sectors, including automotive, construction, and consumer, with a particular emphasis on the experience and data. We are dedicated to creating data-driven experiences that engage, inspire, and delight customers, applying creative and cutting-edge technology that enables our clients to build hyper-personalized experiences that meet your needs and goals. At Fragment Studio, we blend creativity with technology to create innovative solutions that drive success and growth for our clients.

The digital boutique studio for personalized experiences


Our objective and evidence-based approach to CX design makes sure that we create meaningful customer experiences that engage and please your customers and meet your business goals.


Our technology-agnostic approach gives you a composable architecture with reusable components that not only ensures your system is more resilient, but also helps to reduce maintenance costs and improve the overall efficiency of your stack.

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Our Services

In today's digital era, data is the lifeblood of innovation and growth, and e-Commerce stands as a beacon of opportunity for businesses worldwide.

Dive into our services to discover how we can transform your commerce and data challenges into strategic advantages. Let's embark on this data-driven journey together.

Revolutionizing online retail with bespoke e-Commerce solutions tailored to amplify your brand's digital presence.

Optimizing the flow of data with modern data warehousing, seamless migrations, and robust integrations.

Transforming data into actionable insights with AI-driven analytics, visualization, and business intelligence.

Data Governance

Ensuring data integrity, quality, and accessibility with comprehensive governance solutions.

Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to drive innovation and growth.

We partner with leading platforms
to deliver the best experiences.


Latest Thoughts & Ideas

Our blog is a dynamic and thought-provoking space where we bring together the most recent musings, creative concepts, and innovative insights from our team of talented writers and experts.

Our aim is to ignite your curiosity, inspire you to think differently, and encourage engaging discussions by sharing a wide array of content, from thought-provoking opinion pieces to the latest trends, breakthroughs, and developments in various fields.

Here, we continuously update and curate content that reflects the ever-evolving world we live in, ensuring that our readers remain informed, enlightened, and entertained.

So, take a moment to explore this treasure trove of knowledge, and let your mind wander through the intriguing maze of latest thoughts and ideas.

Reverse ETL: Strategies for Effective Use

Reverse ETL: Strategies for Effective Use

Reverse ETL refers to moving data from a modern data warehouse into third-party systems to operationalise the data.
Aleks Basara
What is Data Analytics?

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics examines datasets to conclude the information they contain. While data represents raw facts and figures, information is processed data, and knowledge is actionable insight derived from that information.
Aleks Basara
Designing a Modern Data Vault 2.0 Architecture

Designing a Modern Data Vault 2.0 Architecture

Data Vault 2.0 is an evolutionary data modelling and methodology approach that ensures agility, scalability, and flexibility in the face of ever-changing business requirements.
Aleks Basara

Our Technologies


We use full-stack frameworks like Next.js, Gatsby.js,, and Astro, to develop fast and SEO-friendly web and e-commerce experiences.

Styling Libraries

Our interfaces are constructed on top of TailwindCSS to maintain a scalable and consistent design system.


With Shopify, WooCommerce, Salor, and Crystallize we build fast and scalable commerce plattforms that contribute to the bottom line.

Headless CMS

With headless CMS like Wordpress, Prismic and Sanity we build fast and scalable websites that fulfill every requirement.

Deployment Platforms

Vercel and Netlify are our deployment platforms of choice. Both are fast and robust to safely ship websites and e-commerce platforms.

“I can highly recommend Aleks Basara as a serious partner in modern web development projects.”

Stefan Elmer

Head of Marketing, PROTEKTOR

“An absolute professional in his field. Always very pleasant and productive to work with.”

Athanasios Tsintsaris


You're in good company, we've worked with the best of the best.

With a diverse clientele that includes prestigious brands such as Mercedes-Benz, SEAT, OSCE, Rohde & Schwarz, and Protektor, we have demonstrated our ability to deliver exceptional results for organizations across various industries.


What services do you offer?

We are dedicated to helping organizations achieve their objectives by seamlessly aligning requirements with business and strategic goals. Our specialization lies in designing flexible, modular, and composable architectures that can effortlessly evolve and adapt over time. We understand that businesses today require adaptable solutions to thrive in a constantly changing landscape. Our comprehensive services encompass every phase of the project lifecycle, from inception to implementation and ongoing maintenance. We begin by meticulously gathering requirements, analyzing them to ensure they align with your overarching business objectives, and identifying the optimal technology stack for your unique composable architecture. Our expert team takes a collaborative approach, working closely with you to develop and execute a tailored strategy that maximizes value and drives results.By partnering with us, you gain access to a wealth of experience, innovative thinking, and cutting-edge technology that empowers your organization to stay ahead of the curve. Embrace the future with confidence and let our tailored services guide you on the path to success.

What is a Composable architecture?

Composable architecture refers to a modular approach to designing and building software systems where components can be easily assembled and reconfigured to create new applications or services. This approach allows for greater flexibility, scalability, and agility in software development.

What does CX stand for?

Customer Experience (CX) is a vital component of a company's success, encompassing the entirety of a customer's perception of a brand or business. It is formed through interactions and experiences at every touchpoint, including pre-purchase research, the purchasing process, post-purchase support, and any other engagements the customer may have with the company. The quality of the CX can significantly impact customer loyalty, satisfaction, and retention, making it a critical focus for businesses looking to thrive in today's competitive market.By prioritizing and investing in CX, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors, foster stronger relationships with their customers, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

This includes paying close attention to user-centered design, seamless communication, responsive customer support, and continuously refining and optimizing the customer journey. A positive and memorable customer experience can lead to increased customer satisfaction, word-of-mouth marketing, and long-term loyalty – all essential elements for sustained business success.

What is hyper-personalization?

Hyper-personalization takes personalization to the next level by leveraging real-time data and artificial intelligence to create highly customized marketing and customer experiences tailored to each individual. This advanced approach goes beyond basic demographic or preference-based personalization, incorporating a comprehensive range of data elements, including customer behavior, context, and preferences, to deliver highly relevant and engaging experiences for each consumer.

By harnessing the power of advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI, hyper-personalization enables businesses to gain deeper insights into their customers' needs, preferences, and behavior patterns. These insights can be used to create highly targeted marketing campaigns, personalized product recommendations, and tailored customer experiences that resonate with each individual on a one-to-one basis.

The ultimate goal of hyper-personalization is to enhance customer satisfaction, drive engagement, and foster long-term loyalty by offering customers a seamless, relevant, and individualized experience across all touchpoints. By anticipating customer needs and exceeding their expectations, businesses that embrace hyper-personalization can gain a competitive edge and enjoy increased customer retention and revenue growth.

What is a headless CMS?

A headless CMS is a content management system that separates the content creation and management process from the front-end presentation layer, allowing content to be displayed on various devices or platforms via an API. This decoupling of the back-end and front-end enables marketers to create and manage content in a single place and deliver it to multiple front-end contexts, without restricting the appearance or functionality of the content.

The primary benefits of a headless CMS include increased flexibility, scalability, and customization in the development of digital experiences. Since the content is not tied to a specific presentation layer, developers have the freedom to build unique, device-agnostic user experiences using their preferred front-end frameworks and technologies. This adaptability allows for quicker integration with new platforms, devices, or channels as they emerge, ensuring that your content remains accessible and relevant.

In addition, a headless CMS enables businesses to future-proof their digital infrastructure, as they can easily adapt to evolving technological advancements and market trends without undergoing extensive, time-consuming re-platforming efforts. Overall, adopting a headless CMS can streamline content management, drive efficiency, and empower businesses to create more engaging, personalized, and innovative digital experiences across various channels and devices.

Discover the limitless potential

Our expert team is eager to learn about your unique needs and challenges, and we are confident that we can help you unlock new opportunities for innovation and growth. By adopting a composable architecture, you'll gain the flexibility and agility required to rapidly adapt to market changes and stay ahead of the competition. Don't miss out on the chance to revolutionize your business operations and drive unprecedented success.

Schedule a call with us now and embark on the journey towards a future-proof and scalable digital infrastructure tailored specifically to your needs.