Data Mart

A Data Mart is a subject-oriented database that stores data focused on a single subject or part of a business, such as sales, finance, or marketing. It is often considered a segment of a larger data warehouse, designed to provide a more focused and easily accessible view of data to a specific group of users within an organization. Unlike a data warehouse that has an enterprise-wide depth, a data mart pertains to a single department or business unit. This makes data easy to find and readily available for users who want to gain insights without navigating through a complex data warehouse.

Data Marts serve as a way to provide business intelligence insights and data analytics capabilities to specific departments or teams, enabling more efficient analysis of department-specific information. They can accelerate business processes by allowing quicker access to information. Data Marts can be standalone systems, or they can be part of a larger data warehouse structure. They are designed to meet the demands of a specific group of users and are structured to provide information relevant to a particular business domain or department, aiding in faster decision-making and more effective data management​​.